For those living in Houston and surrounding areas, it has been quite catastrophic weather wise. First and foremost, I hope you, your families and homes are OK. My heart goes out to all of you who may not be OK. If you are OK, and need something to keep you occupied, here is a list of boredom busters.

  1. Deep breathing is wonderful to do to decrease stress. Perhaps you feel like you are becoming very anxious or on the verge of a panic attack. Doing some deep breathing can help calm you down.
  2. Do Yoga. If you have Internet, there are free yoga classes on line on the site It is also a great stress reliever, as you are being mindful and in the moment. Even if your Internet isn’t working, you can do this on a rug doing some easy gentle stretches.
  3. Color. Perhaps you have one of those beautiful adult coloring books that you see in the grocery stores and bookstores. Remember all the hours you colored as a child? It is a peaceful, easy thing to do to help pass the time.
  4. Play cards. There is something very mindless about this activity. What were your favorite games as a child? It’s fun to reminisce.
  5. Board games. When was the last time you pulled them out? Playing a game like Monopoly usually takes a few hours, which will help with boredom for awhile.
  6. Organize your cabinets or bookshelves. This is something you may have wanted to do for a while, but kept putting it off.
  7. Read. If you have Internet, you can download a book, or listen to it on Audible Books.
  8. Engage in a hobby. When you are doing something you love, it takes your mind away from your worries.
  9. Do puzzles or word games. Doing so will exercise your brain. You can involve the whole family if you’d like.
  10. Play hides and seek if you have kids. When was the last time you played this? Most kids and adults enjoy this game.
  11. Play with your animals. Many of us who work feel that we don’t spend enough time with our pets. They will love it too.
  12. Call a friend or family member. Most of us wish we had more time to talk with those we love; yet life tends to get away from us. My guess is that they would enjoy hearing form you.
  13. Listen to music. Do you have some music that is upbeat, or that you like to sing at the top of your lungs? If so, now is a great time to do it.
  14. Put on your music and dance away, either by yourself or with someone else. It’s good exercise and may help you from going stir crazy.
  15. Watch a movie. Perhaps there is a series you have wanted to catch up on with Netflix, or wanted to watch. Boredom usually doesn’t come to mind while watching a good movie.
  16. Clean. Most feel good after doing so, even though you may not find it enjoyable.
  17. Start on a project you have been dreading. Again, you will feel better about yourself after doing so.
  18. Give each other a back or foot massage. Many people find massage enjoyable. It could also bring you closer together.
  19. Do a puzzle. This will pass the time and help use your brainpower.
  20. Meditate. Research has shown this to be a great stress reliever. It slows down your breathing, which also brings down your heart rate.
  21. Go for a walk. Walking is a good way to recharge your batteries. Having a change in scenery is good for you.
  22. Paint your nails. Has it been awhile since your last mani or pedi? Why not do it yourself?
  23. Do laundry. Do you have piles of clothes that need to be washed? After it is done, you will feel accomplished.
  24. Clean up your e mails. Many of us have tons of e mails that we want to read, or need to delete.
  25. Bake. Do you have a special or favorite recipe? You can freeze leftovers, or share them with a friend.
  26. Update your resume. When was the last time you did this? Won’t life be easier if this is already done when you need it?
  27. Hand write letters or post cards to friends. It seems like this is a lost art. Many people enjoy something handwritten. That is almost a gift in itself.
  28. Make or redo an online dating profile. Is this something you have always wanted to do, but haven’t had the time to do so? Now is just as good a time as any.
  29. Look through old family photos. Most of us will smile or laugh while looking through those old pictures and reminiscing.
  30. Trip Advisor. Your city is filled with fun and exciting places. Take the time to explore new places you haven’t been to.
  31. Look online for pretty places to travel. Gorgeous scenery is everywhere.
  32. Learn something new. Watch YouTube videos on how things work.
  33. Change your hair color. Have you always wanted to try something new or different? Why not do it now?
  34. Rearrange your furniture. Doing so can give your living space some new light. Even rearranging your knick knacks or pictures can make things interesting.
  35. Clean out your closet. You can organize them into piles: keep, donate or throw away. It’s nice when we can find the things we are looking for.

I hope this list helps to keep you occupied during the storm and prevented some boredom. I realize that if you have no Internet, this list won’t be helpful for you. But, you may want to print out this list to help prevent future boredom. If there is anything I can do to help, please call me at 713-304-6554.

Take care,

Debbie Grammas, PhD