People Pleaser

Are you a people pleaser? Do you find it hard to say no? Do you fear that people won’t like you if you don’t do what they ask? If so, you are not alone. There are many people who would fit that mold. There certainly are pros and cons of being a people pleaser. The [...]

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Increase Emotional Intimacy

Do feel that you and your partner are not as connected as you used to be? Does it seem like something is missing? Could it be emotional intimacy? This can happen, especially in long-term relationships. We tend to get comfortable over time, and that can make us feel that we are in a rut. On [...]

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Unhealthy Relationships

How do you feel in your relationship? In healthy relationships your partner helps you to be the best you, no matter what that is. He or she is there to support your needs, dreams and goals. This certainly doesn’t mean they are responsible for your goals, just to support them. We don’t expect your partner [...]

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Harmful Relationship Behaviors

Do you go from relationship to relationship? Do you have trouble staying in a long-term relationship? It may be possible that you are choosing the wrong partners. Another possibility is that you are engaging in behaviors that are detrimental to relationships. It may be difficult to consider that you are doing things that you are [...]

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Polarized Belief Systems

According to an article in The Monitor on Psychology, there is a reason why our country is so polarized regarding politics. An article called “Why We Believe Alternative Facts”, helps make sense of this phenomenon. We use our own biases to confirm our belief system. Motivated reasoning states that we choose the facts and twist [...]

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Since the day I am writing this is Mother’s Day, it seems to fit that it should be the topic of this weeks blog. What does the word mother mean to you? What thoughts, feelings or emotions arise? For most people, it’s a mixed bag. Hopefully most of these are good. Realistically our mom’s can’t [...]

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Life Changes

Do you dread life changes? Do you want things to stay the way they are? We all like to feel safe and comfortable. Yet there are many good things about change. First of all, life would be boring if everything stayed the same. We all crave some sort of excitement. In addition, change helps us [...]

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Extravert Versus Introvert

Are you an introvert or an extravert. Many people think that if you are social and outgoing that you are an extravert. Introverts are the quiet people. However, what people don’t realize is that is not what defines the two categories. The way you find out which one you are is to answer this question. [...]

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Forgiveness What does this word mean to you? We hear about forgive and forget all the time. It sure is easier said than done. We can forgive, but I don’t know that we really forget about what happens. Perhaps it is best that we don’t forget, as it’s a way to keep us safe (if [...]

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Depression affects people in different ways. One symptom of depression may be thoughts of suicide. If you are concerned about someone, it is OK to ask him or her if they are having these types of thoughts. You may be afraid to ask this person for fear that you will put the idea into their [...]

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