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Do You Keep Having the Same Conflict With Your Spouse?

How do you dance with your partner? Is it smooth and flowing, or do you step all over each other? I’m not talking about physically dancing, but emotionally dancing. I’m talking about the patterns of how the two of you relate to each other, and if there is conflict. When we are in conflict with our [...]

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Forgiveness What does this word mean to you? We hear about forgive and forget all the time. It sure is easier said than done. We can forgive, but I don’t know that we really forget about what happens. Perhaps it is best that we don’t forget, as it’s a way to keep us safe (if [...]

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Do you have problems with anger? Have people told you that you are a hot head? Are you someone who goes from 0 to 60 in no time flat? If so, you probably have some issues with anger. Often times people try to stuff down their feelings. This may seem like an effective way to [...]

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How do you resolve conflict? Most of us learn how to do so from our parents. However they are not always the best role models. Many of us have trouble recognizing the other person’s point of view, when we are upset with something. However, true conflict resolution acknowledges that there are 2 points of view, [...]

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