Ways In Which People With Mental Illness Struggle

May is Mental Health Awareness month, so I thought I’d focus this weeks blog on that topic. Many people suffer from mental health issues. Unfortunately, many of them also suffer in silence. There is still a stigma about mental health, and people think it is a sign of weakness to get help. Nothing is further [...]

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7 Tips To Overcome Loneliness

Would it be an oxymoron if I told you are not alone if you experience loneliness? Do you sometimes feel alone, even if you are around other people? Perhaps you are feeling loneliness because the holidays have come and gone, and all the hubbub has died down. Did you know that this is normal? Being [...]

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Suicide Prevention: Do You Know the Signs?

Since this is Suicide Prevention Week, it seems like a fitting topic for this week’s blog. It also seems appropriate, as there has been so much grief and loss with the recent hurricane. According the National Institute of Mental Health, 40,000 people commit suicide each year in the US. Some people who are depressed have [...]

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Depression Help

Is there someone in your life who suffers from depression? Do you feel helpless as how to help this person? Perhaps you live with someone who struggles and you don’t know what to do. Two different people may have very differing symptoms. Understand that it is not just mind over matter. Here are some things [...]

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Thanksgiving seems like a wonderful time to talk about gratitude. What are you grateful for? Perhaps, your family might come to mind. Or if your family wasn’t the greatest, maybe you have people who are your chosen family. Maybe you just got a new job, or something wonderful has occurred in your life. Realistically, the big [...]

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Appreciating the Small Stuff

The holiday season is in full swing. The stores are hustling and bustling and advertising the latest and greatest sales. It seems like everywhere you look during the holiday season, it’s about shopping and purchasing things. It leads to many people wanting more and more. The message is that if you get or receive that [...]

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Life Work Balance

Life/Work Balance Do you seem down and depressed? If so, could it be that your life is out of balance? I think this is something that people don’t consider when they get depressed. I always tell my clients that life/work balance is like the 4 legs of a stool. Each of these legs is something [...]

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Causes of Anxiety and Treatment

Do you struggle with anxiety? If so, you are not alone. First of all, anxiety is a normal emotion. We all experience it. It helps us to perform and do our jobs or school work at peak level. It serves as a motivator to succeed. However, if there is too much anxiety, performance can go [...]

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