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Increase Emotional Intimacy

Do feel that you and your partner are not as connected as you used to be? Does it seem like something is missing? Could it be emotional intimacy? This can happen, especially in long-term relationships. We tend to get comfortable over time, and that can make us feel that we are in a rut. On [...]

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Male Sexual Dysfunction

Last weeks focus was on female sexual dysfunction, and this one will be on male sexual dysfunction-information taken from a lecture by Barry McCarthy, Ph.D. This topic includes premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, inhibited sexual desire (discussed in a previous blog) and ejaculatory inhibition. Premature Ejaculation is the most common of these sexual dysfunctions. It is [...]

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Ten Taxing Appearance Assumptions

According to Thomas Cash, Ph.D.  a body image guru, there are 10 assumptions that people with poor body image believe. These come from his Body Image Workbook, 2nd edition. Physically attractive people have it all. This message is spread throughout the media. This is a false message. If we are paying attention, these beautiful people [...]

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