Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful and romantic holiday if you are in a good relationship and choose to celebrate it. However, not everyone is in a relationship, or even in one that is blissful. Thus this time of year can be difficult if you are not in a relationship, or if you are grieving the loss of your partner. This list may be something helpful to either get through the day, or to celebrate it.

This year Valentine’s Day is on Wednesday, which may be easier to handle than a weekend.

Pamper yourself

What is it that makes you feel pampered? Is it a massage, manicure, pedicure, facial? Whatever it is, why not treat yourself? It’s a perfect time to take care of you and practice self-love.

Have a girls/guys night out

Spend it with people you love as friends. If you think about it, there are probably a few people who love your presence, even if you don’t realize it. In addition, there may be other singles who would also love to have something to do.

Buy flowers for yourself

Who says you have to be in a romantic relationship to get flowers? They tend to brighten up any area of your home.

Pick up food or order in

Why not have a delicious meal? Perhaps you don’t want to be around a bunch of other couples, but you’d like to have a special meal. You deserve it.

Do nothing

Since Valentine’s Day is during the week, in reality, it’s just like any other weeknight. Most people who work during the week don’t go out on weeknights. If you have a typical Wednesday acitivity, then stick with that.

FaceTime a friend

Do you have a friend that you don’t talk to very often, yet are very close? Why not set up a time to connect with that person. It’s so easy to do, yet many people don’t do it. Connecting with someone else feels good and can make you feel less alone.

Meditate, practice mindfulness

Why not take this time to get centered and take care of yourself? You don’t have to be in a relationship to have a wonderful life. Some people are happier on their own.

Watch a comedy on TV or Netflix

If you are feeling sad that you don’t have a partner, or can’t be with your partner, why not watch a funny movie to get your mind off of things. Laughing is good for your physical and mental health.

Get a special coffee or tea drink

Perhaps you enjoy these, but they are a treat for you, or are out of your normal budget. Enjoy and savor your tea or coffee.

Make a list of all the things you love about your life

My guess is there are many great things that you don’t think about on a regular basis. If you take the time, my guess is there are more things than you would have thought. When you feel sad, pull out this list of all that is good.

Invite friends to your home

Make a special meal, or have drinks and appetizers. You could make things even easier and have everyone bring a dish or appetizer to share.

Have a game night

Most people enjoy cards or board games, yet rarely take the time to do so. Often times something funny happens. It’s also a great way to get to know people better.

Read a book

Many people like to read, yet can’t seem to make the time to do so. Or perhaps you’re someone who feels like you should always be doing something. Take this time to have a quiet enjoyable evening at home.

Spend time with your dog or cat

Pets are good for our mental health. They often want to be on top of us, or near us. This can be a very comforting presence. Having a purring cat on your lap is very soothing. Having a dog who loves you unconditionally and is excited to see you feels good.

If you struggle in your romantic relationships, whether its Valentine’s Day or not, having a therapist to talk to can be helpful.  Please call me at 713-304-6554 if this is an area in which you need help.

Take care,