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How To Improve Your Body Image

If you have poor body image, it may impact your everyday life. The focus of this blog will be on how to improve your body image. You may limit the things you do to avoid others noticing your body. Summer is a prime time for body image concerns to peak according to the National Association [...]

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5 Tips to Improve Your Body Image

So many women and men compare their bodies to others and come up short. Of course these people are comparing themselves to images or people that they can never measure up to. Very few people will state that they like their body just the way it is. Interestingly enough, most people will not pay nearly [...]

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Ten Taxing Appearance Assumptions

According to Thomas Cash, Ph.D.  a body image guru, there are 10 assumptions that people with poor body image believe. These come from his Body Image Workbook, 2nd edition. Physically attractive people have it all. This message is spread throughout the media. This is a false message. If we are paying attention, these beautiful people [...]

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Body Image Concerns

How is your body image? Do you beat yourself up for the way you look? Do you focus on your flaws? If so, you are not alone. Many women struggle with body image concerns for many reasons. One major reason is because images of the ideal woman are plastered all over the media. Everywhere we [...]

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