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10 Ways to Stay Sober During a Pandemic

Many of us are tired of this whole COVID situation. Life is harder for everyone and many people are pushed over the edge emotionally with this. For those struggling with alcoholism or substance use issues, staying sober is much more difficult. The potential for relapse is higher. If you are one of those people, don’t [...]

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Are You An Enabler?

Are you an enabler? Are you wondering why there are people in your life who are substance abusers (drugs or alcohol)? Do you find yourself rescuing people who are using? Of course you do these things in the beginning because it’s natural to want to help the people you love. Perhaps they just keep getting [...]

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Addiction and Treatment

Substance abuse is rampant. It seems like it affects every family. If yours has escaped the ravaging effects it can have, then you are one of the lucky few. Even though many don’t present with substance abuse as their primary issue in therapy, its effects often times become apparent. Therapy is a great place to [...]

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